Amazon Invested In This Popular Fashion Site

Technology and fashion has gone hand-in-hand ever since the first pair of Manolos were shipped to one lucky buyer sometime in the Early Aughts. So, it's no surprise that Amazon invested in Who What Wear, a popular fashion site that helps you shop for celebrity-inspired looks. The tech giant is one of several investors, including Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, that closed an $8 million deal to fund Clique Media, Who What Wear's parent company.

"We could not be happier to be working with [Amazon]," CEO Katherine Power said. "Their end goal is always making things easier for the consumer. That's a goal we have, too, and we're applying that across fashion, beauty, and lifestyle." Power and Hillary Kerr co-founded Who What Wear in 2006 after working as editors for ELLE. Since then, the site has grown to a staff of 95 people based in New York and Los Angeles.

"It stemmed from the idea that we were spending all of our time on the computer, getting all of this up-to-the-minute gossip news about celebrities, but no one was talking about the clothes they were wearing," Power said. "Fashion magazines will tell you what people are wearing, but you can't shop a magazine.”

Meanwhile, Amazon is quickly expanding its fashion presence in the online market. Last month, the company acquired a London photography studio that will become its home base for all things fashion, along with announcing that model Suki Waterhouse will represent Amazon as brand spokesperson. As millions of Amazon and Who What Wear shoppers can attest, the news of these two companies joining forces truly is a gift from the fashion gods.

Image: whowhatwear/Instagram