This Groom Made His Wedding Even More Memorable

Plenty of people put on surprise performances at their weddings, and while it's always the thought that counts, it certainly doesn't hurt when the groom is a professional dancer. Dance pro Kirk Henning performed a surprise dance routine for his bride, Valerie Tellmann, with his groomsmen, and they killed it. Luckily, the whole thing was captured on video (below) for us to enjoy.

Kirk and Valerie (who, by the way, is also a dancer with the Richmond Ballet) got married at Richmond, Va.'s CenterStage — the same stage that they used to share when they were both with the Richmond Ballet company. As captured in the clip, Kirk decided to get the party started by gifting his new wife with a choreographed dance to a medley of songs, from "You Drive Me (Crazy)" by Britney Spears to "The World" by Brad Paisley. And let me tell you, their timing was impressively on point. The group even incorporated props when appropriate, like confetti, sunglasses, and cowboy hats.

But the best part had to be Valerie's reaction. The happy bride was lovin' it and couldn't help cracking up over some of the moves. Clearly, this is one fun couple with lots of awesome dances in their future. The groom deserves major credit for putting on an unforgettable routine, as do his groomsmen for being such good sports. Congrats to the happy newlyweds!

Image: Ginger Topham/YouTube