Gina Rodriguez Can Rap?!

When Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez became the Teen Choice Awards host, we all knew that she was going to be incredible. But little did we know that she's been hiding a secret talent up her sleeve this whole time. While Rodriguez and her fellow Teen Choice hosts Josh Peck and Ludacris were busying dividing up the categories, Peck remarked that Ludacris (or "Luda," as Rodriguez likes to call him) should be put in charge of the music category because, obviously, that's kind of his trade. However, the actress was not willing to give up the category without a fight. As a way to prove that she too has some rockstar vocal talents, Gina Rodriguez began rapping at the Teen Choice Awards and — surprise, surprise! — it was all kinds of spectacular.

Granted, the riff — which was just too good to be all that spontaneous — only lasted a few lines or so, but it was enough to convince everyone watching that we need more Gina Rodriguez rapping in our lives. (Perhaps this could be a potential story arc development for Jane the Virgin Season 2? Just throwing that out there!) The point is, though, this award ceremony may have just begun, but Rodriguez has already made it an unforgettable affair. Sorry, Ludacris, but I think you've officially met your match.

But I shouldn't get too ahead of myself here. Like I said, things are only just getting started and I'm sure our beloved hosts have many more memorable antics up their sleeves. In the meantime, though, I'll just be over here getting a Kickstarter put together for Gina Rodriguez's rap career. Seriously, guys, let's make this happen.