Colorblind Man Sees The Sunset For The First Time

In breaking adorable news today, a colorblind man saw the sunset for the first time and completely lost it in an absolutely precious way. He tries on his new Enchroma glasses by a beautiful lake and meadow (that honestly looks like it was pulled right out of a stock photo), because he specifically went to check out the sunset. Regardless of how many colors you see, the whole thing is too cute for your eyes. He says he's "kinda nervous." Like, is he single? Because he could send this video out to some very nice ladies and probably get a pretty good response. I would highly recommend this video go on his Tinder page. He's overcome by the beauty in a collected, awed-type way that is definitely attractive. He also says that the view is entirely different than he thought, but was completely worth it.

This isn't the first time we've seen a viral video documenting the first moments when someone who is colorblind sees color. It feels sort of like you're intruding on a personal moment by watching them experience color for the first time, but in a world of proposal videos, I'm pretty OK with that.

Here He Is, Overcome With Happiness

At one point he needs help identifying a certain shade of blue and it reminds you of how much we take advantage of all the colors we see everyday. Also, while I do think the location is very stock photo-esque, it happens to be Whitehurst Beach in Norfolk, Virginia.

Watch The Full Video

When he takes them off and puts them back on? Priceless. Someone's future bae, for damn sure.

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