People Of Color Recreate Iconic Movie Posters

Hollywood, take note: BuzzFeed Video had people of color recreate iconic movie posters, and the results are incredible. The video also includes Hollywood facts that center specifically around racial inequality in films. Minorities make up 40 percent of the US population but are 16.7 percent of the roles in Hollywood. News to me, until right now. Often when minorities are used, they're perpetuating stereotypes instead of furthering our knowledge and appreciation of other cultures. In BuzzFeed's video, they address some of the numbers and illustrate just how skewed Hollywood is in terms of opportunities for people of different races.

As someone who is biracial, I honestly did not realize the depth behind this issues. Of course, I'm aware the Hollywood movies are predominantly white, but I didn't realize that only 16.7 percent of Hollywood roles are non-white. Anyway, after BuzzFeed's casting of the Titanic, I was very pleased to see a Rose Dawson with my skin color. (Lookin' good, girl.) I'm hoping the follow up to this video is a full on Bollywood rendition of the Titanic, but that might be a stretch. (I just think Titanic could be enhanced monumentally if they all broke out in synchronized dance while Leo DiCaprio stood by the clock in the fancy dining room. Just a thought.) Here are a few snippets of BuzzFeed's new interpretations of iconic movie posters:

Breakfast At Tiffany's

Sorry, Audrey, but literally nothing can compare to this.


Mmmmm, Jack Dawson doesn't look too bad either.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

I never actually saw Blue is the Warmest Color, but I'd be interested in seeing this interpretation instead.

Watch The Full Video:

Raise your hand if you're going to pass some of those facts off as ~things you just happened to know~ later.

*Raises hand*.

*Has no regrets*.

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