'Punk'd' Will Return With "Hollywood Royalty"

It seems strange that BET chose to revive a series that was never on the network, but I'm still glad it did. The newly revived Punk'd will premiere on BET on Tuesday night, and while Ashton Kutcher won't be popping out of bushes or secure camera rooms to laugh at his friends, the series will still be pranking celebrities in various ways. BET already pulled a prank on its viewers when it announced that it would bring back BET Uncut, an old series that showed NSFW music videos at 3 a.m. When the newest Uncut episode was supposedly going to air on Aug. 12, BET immediately switched over to the new Punk'd hosts, Internet stars and comedians King Bach and DStorm Power, to let the audience know what was really going on. So which celebrities will get Punk'd by the two hosts during this new season?

As of now, BET has yet to release the full Punk'd lineup, but the series' promos do reveal a few stars who will become Punk'd victims. Watch the preview below and look out for celebrities like A$AP Rocky, Rosario Dawson, Chris Brown, K. Michelle, Russell Simmons, Trey Songz, and Michael B. Jordan. Of course, there are likely many more cameos that BET may want to keep a surprise for now.

According to King Bach's Twitter, Punk'd will continue to take on "Hollywood royalty" this season. Though so far we've only seen glimpses of upcoming guests, they do come from a mix of film, TV, and especially music. Plus, BET has some great celebrities on its other shows already, so it wouldn't be too difficult to "punk" someone big like Kevin Hart, who stars in Real Husbands Of Hollywood.

No matter who gets Punk'd, it'll be interesting to see how this version of the show plays out, especially with a new network and new hosts. I hope BET maintains the hilarious basis of Punk'd, while putting a fresh spin on it for today's audience.