Becky From 'BB17' Has A Celebrity Doppelganger

In all honesty, I forgot that Becky Burgess is on Big Brother 17 for the longest time. She was barely in any of the TV episodes and she didn't even get a lot of time on the live feeds. Needless to say, she flew under the radar for fans and houseguests alike. But now we are deep into the game and Becky's fly on the wall strategy has paid off, since she's still in the house. She was even Head of Household recently and attempted to make some major game moves. Before all of that, however, Becky made an interesting comment during the comic book themed veto competition, when she described her character as, "Hilary Swank meets Iron Man fighting a train." I was thrown off by that comparison, but then I saw it. Becky totally looks like Hilary Swank, and I don't know how I didn't notice it sooner.

I'm usually pretty good at spotting celebrity lookalikes, but I think that I just didn't catch this one before it was brought to viewers' attention because Becky hardly got any screen time. Still, they really are doppelgangers. If you just can't see the resemblance, look at the side by side photos below. It'll all fall into place.

Even with curled hair they look very similar.

Other fans are throwing Jennifer Garner out there as another ringer for Becky. Looking at these photos, I could definitely see them all being distantly related somehow.

It's come to a point when I cannot watch Big Brother without wondering why Hilary Swank is painting her nails or playing in the veto competition. Now that I see the resemblance, I can't unsee it.

Now all I want is for Hilary Swank to catch wind of this and give her take on the situation. Maybe Becky will come out of Big Brother 17 with a new celebrity friend.

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Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS