What Accessory Should You Invest In? We'll Help You Decide Which Staple Is Right For Your Personality

There are certain undeniable markers of adulthood that make us take a step back and say —"Whoa, I'm a real person now!" Getting on your own health insurance plan is one of them. Paying your first round of taxes is another. On a far more fun note, purchasing your first accessory investment piece is a serious life milestone. This leads you to the question: What accessory should I invest in? It's a surprisingly loaded one.

Buying your first grown-woman sunglasses, handbag, or wallet proudly proclaims, "I'm a grown-up with actual, real-person money in my bank account. FEEL MY MATURITY!" And given the fact that an investment piece requires you to budget a little more money than you're used to spending, it indicates that you can commit to something. Basically, this is an excuse to see shopping = personal progress. And you want to make the right choice if this is your first proverbial rodeo.

For those of you who are at this life gateway, we're here to help you out. What accessory should I invest in? We're teamed up with Nordstrom to help you figure out what accessory investment is right for your personality, whether you're the "Netflix and sweatpants" type or an IRL Elle Woods.

Edgy Rocker Chick = Offbeat Sunglasses

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If you're a rocker chick whose most prized possessions are her motorcycle jacket and her vintage vinyl collection, a pair of premium sunglasses is just what the doctor ordered. They'll add even further to your aura of devastating coolness.

The Daydreamer = Delicate Chains

Available at Nordstrom

Are you super creative? Do you spend your days lost in a reverie of things that you want to make, do, and experience? You might be a daydreamer, and hence, you're always in the market for some layered, delicate chains. You'll look every part of the spiritual healer that you aspire to be.

Classic Prep = An Old-School Inspired Watch

Available at Nordstrom

Remember those time-telling bracelets that people wore in the age before smartphones? They still exist! For the preppy purists who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, you should invest in a classic throwback watch. That is, of course, if you didn't inherit one from your American aristocrat relatives.

Girly Girls = Statement Earrings

Available at Nordstrom

If Elle Woods is your spirit animal and pretty much everything you own is pale pink or festooned with flowers, you want to go for some jewelry that's just as precious as you are. If this sounds like you, you should spend your money on ALL the sparkly earrings. Keep things on-trend with a funky design, like an ear cuff or a crawler. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Boho Chick = Comfy Blanket Wraps

Available at Nordstrom

Do you feel like you should have been born in the '70s? Is your biggest regret not being alive for Woodstock? Then a fall-festival-friendly blanket wrap is just the thing for you. Get your gaucho swag on, you badass babe.

Tomboy Fashionista = Felt Hat

Available at Nordstrom

If Annie Hall is your all-time favorite fashion icon, and you feel more at home in a pair of pleated pants and suspenders than a dress, get yourself a felt Panama. After all, menswear-as-womenswear never goes out of style.

Comfort-Comes-First Gal = Layered Tights

Available at Nordstrom

As someone who is the epitome of chill, you put comfort above all else in your life. If you could, you'd wear sweatpants all day, every day. The next best thing, which is far more chic, is investing in an ultra-comfy pair of street-friendly layered leggings, like the ones above. They'll keep you stylish and snug as a bug in a rug at the same time.

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