Hailey Baldwin Does Oversized Just Right

Oversized anything always goes, if you ask me, and recently Hailey Baldwin wore an oversized t-shirt, proving that she just gets it, you know? With food and fashion, I’m all “oversize me, please,” and this fashionista feels the same way, at least in the outfit department. I knew I liked her.

Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend tees, they both work great. Separately, when paired together, whatever the case. Baldwin, of course, understands this because she’s worked an outfit like this before. Most recently however, she chose to pair her tee with a sleek pair of leggings and heels, and you know what? That works, too! If you’re noticing a pattern that’s because you just can’t go wrong with this type of look.

This isn’t the first time Baldwin’s totally rocked a size or two up. From sweatshirts to tees, she definitely has a thing for baggy clothing, and I mean, can you blame her? See all of the times Baldwin’s done oversized just right and channel her energy the next time you think of putting on anything other than a t-shirt that’s twice your size. Dress it up or dress it down, either way — you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. The baggier, the better.

I love how she styled this.

1. Boyfriend Everyerything

Boyfriend tee + Boyfriend jeans = The perfect combination.

2. Vintage Tee

Even her vintage oversized tee game is strong.

3. Loosey Goosey

You just can't go wrong with a loose-fitting top.

4. Baggy Sweatshirt

Don't sweatshirts just feel like home?

5. Sporty Glam

She's doing a good job of pulling that boot off in this sporty number.

Now go put on your best baggy gear and rule the day in comfort and style!