Dissecting the 7 People Amanda Bynes Follows on Twitter

Amanda Bynes may not be so choosy in who she calls ugly, but she's much more selective when it comes to who she follows on Twitter. The star, who's been more famous recently for her blonde wigs and perplexing ramblings than her acting career, follows just seven people on the social networking site. Who are the lucky few, you ask? The answer is: not anyone you'd ever expect.

1. Barack Obama

Bynes' relationship with the president goes all the way back to June 2012, when she tweeted him after being charged with a DUI.

Although Obama did not respond (who would've thought?), it doesn't seem to have had an effect on Bynes' love for the President, as she continues to follow him on Twitter.

2. Boy London

Boy London is a UK-based clothing company. Bynes owns several items from them, including this sweater:

3. Waka Flocka Flame

The Atlanta rapper has shown steady support for Bynes, wishing her "good luck" on her surgeries, telling her to "turn UP," and prompting exchanges such as this:

4. Gucci Mane

It seems that Bynes has a thing for rappers. In May, Mane tweeted, "you must be doing it right @amandabynes." Unfortunately for Bynes, Mane quickly denied sending the tweet, saying "somebody done hacked my damn Twitter like three or four times. I don’t got no opinion on Amanda Bynes cause I don’t know her and never had heard of her." Ouch.

5. V Magazine

The famed fashion magazine boasts over 300,000 followers, no doubt helped by Bynes' Internet popularity. Maybe Bynes is hoping to follow in fellow young star Miley Cyrus' footsteps and appear on their cover? Chances of that happening anytime soon: not likely.

6. Barbie

While Bynes hasn't confirmed anything, "Barbie" is supposedly the star's second Twitter account. With only 17 tweets so far, it's already filled with deep musings such as "my favorite word is vom short for vomit" and this gem, retweeted by Bynes on her main account, below:

7. Because I'm Black

There are so many possibilities for why Bynes, who is white, could be following this account. Does she think she's black? Does she want to be black? Does she just find their tweets so amusing and/or profound that she feels the need to follow them? Lucky for Bynes, "Because I'm Black" reciprocates the love and follows her back. As for why Bynes follows them in the first place... the world may never know.

Images: Twitter