This Fitness Tracker For Swimmers Is Every Ariel's Dream Come True — PHOTOS

On Tuesday, Misfit and Speedo unveiled the Speedo Shine, a fitness tracker designed specifically for swimmers. For people who would rather hit the pool than the gym, the wearable device could be a game changer. Misfit, a company specializing in wearable technology, is already known for the Misfit Shine, a fitness tracker that tracks steps, sleep patterns, and a variety of activities, including cycling, basketball, swimming, and tennis. The Shine syncs with a Misfit app, as well as a number of other health and fitness apps. The device is small and unobtrusive (at 27.5 mm in diameter and 3.3 mm thick, it’s not much larger than a quarter), and it can be clipped to the body or worn like a watch or other jewelry. (There’s even a fancy Swarovski version.)

The Speedo Shine retains all of these features, but, according to Misfit, it is the first activity tracker designed specifically for swimmers. The device is waterproof up to 50 meters, and has the ability to track lap count and swim distance. Misfit claims that the Speedo Shine measures users’ swimming efforts with “industry-leading accuracy,” regardless of the types of strokes they favor. The Speedo Shine also tracks users’ activity levels and sleep outside of the pool, allowing for a total picture of health and fitness.

Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin has endorsed the product, saying, “One of the most difficult parts of swimming for fitness is keeping track of laps and the Speedo Shine eliminates that challenge.”

The Speedo Shine will go on sale for $79.99 on September 1. Find out more here.