Demi Lovato Gave Her New Puppy The Perfect Name

I am a dog lover, so when I got wind of the terrible fate that befell Demi Lovato’s late dog, Buddy, I was grief-stricken for her. From firsthand experience, I know how awful losing a little guy you love can be. So, you can just imagine my delight in finding out that the singer posted an encouraging Instagram update. As it turns out, Demi Lovato just got a new dog. Even better than that, though? He has the most epic moniker, because she named him Batman.

Is it possibly the best dog name I've heard? Perhaps. But the reason it’s so adorable is that the name actually fits the baby ball of fur perfectly. Sure, he’s cute and cuddly, which aren’t exactly Batman attributes, but there is actually a whole lot more to the puppy than meets the eye. When you take a closer look and really think about it, Lovato’s name for the new dog in her life is all the more appropriate. Especially, because Batman not only mirrors a bunch of the same named hero’s traits, but because he’s got a bunch in common with his debonair alter ego, Bruce Wayne, as well.

Here is why the name Batman fits Lovato’s new dog absolutely perfectly:

He Resembles The Dark Knight

With his beautiful black coat.

He Lives A Lavish Lifestyle

I guess he doesn't have an Alfred, but just look at the bling on Demi's hand.

He Seems A Bit Shy

Like the night dwelling Dark Knight, a secret identity would do him good...

But, Also Fierce

In a quiet way. Look at that mug. I wouldn't mess with him.

He's There To Save The Day

As any pet owner knows, losing a dog can gut you. But, a furry guy like Batman can definitely ease the hurt.

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