Katy Perry Needs To Stop Talking About Russell Brand And Take Her Own Advice From These 6 Song Lyrics

Katy Perry's at it again as Marie Claire's January 2014 cover girl — and by "at it again" we mean talking about her marriage and divorce from Russell Brand last year. The "Roar" singer opened up for the first time about her divorce to Vogue's July 2013 issue, that also featured her on its cover, and she said pretty much all we needed to know to hate Brand for eternity for her. And it looks like she's planning on reminding us just how "controlling" Brand was to ring in the new year. For someone that just released a new album, Prism, announced a new world tour, and has a romantic, "mature" relationship with fellow singer-songwriter and ex-bad boy John Mayer we'd think Perry would be saying, "Russell Brand? Schmussell Brand," by now.

When Perry spoke to Vogue she told the publication that Brand was controlling because he grew resentful of the fact that he'd married an "equal" and that he sent a text to let the singer know that he wanted a divorce. But at the end of her big reveal, she made it clear that she had came to terms with the fact that it wasn't all her fault and moved on. We hated Brand anyway, but we were proud of and happy for the "Teenage Dream" singer because she deserved better anyway. Now, five months later, she's still dropping disses at her ex-husband which kind of proves that she hasn't quite come to terms with/moved on from the divorce altogether, even though she's happily dating everyone's dirty-little-secret crush John Mayer.

Here's the thing, when Perry started promoting Prism she slapped the tagline "Let The Light In" on it and made it clear that her "dark place" following the divorce and her rise from it made up much of the inspiration for the album. And we believed her. If that's true, then why is she still bitching out the guy she hasn't heard from since he basically broke up with her via text message? We're Perry-lovers so we feel for her and understand if she needs to talk but we also think she needs to follow her own lyrical advice. After all, she is dating John Mayer.

"This Moment"

All we have is this momentTomorrow's unspokenYesterday is historySo why don't you be here with me?

Russell Brand? Schmussell Brand. He's in the past, but you're here today with John Mayer and chart-topping new album!

"By The Grace Of God"

I know I am enoughPossible to be lovedIt was not about meNow I have to rise aboveLet the universe call the bluffYeah, the truth’ll set you free

If Perry's really come to this point of self-actualization, then she's free from Brand's sorry existence. Forget him.

"It Takes Two"

I point my finger but it does me no goodI look in the mirror and it tells me the truth, yeahWhy all these lessons always learned the hard wayIs it too late to change?

So...why are we still talking about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, again?

"Choose Your Battles"

Choose your battles, babeCause I'm not fighting anymoreI am not fighting anymore

Seriously, Katy, forget about him. It's not worth it.


Now I’m floating like a butterflyStinging like a bee I earned my stripesI went from zero, to my own heroYou held me down, but I got up (HEY!)Already brushing off the dustYou hear my voice, you hear that soundLike thunder gonna shake the groundYou held me down, but I got up (HEY!)Get ready ’cause I’ve had enoughI see it all, I see it now

A girl-power anthem just doesn't have the same ring to it if the girl singing it isn't taking her own advice.

"Double Rainbow"

Was a phenomenon when you came alongYeah, our chemistry was more than scienceIt was deafening, loud like lightning, it was strikingYou couldn't deny itThey say one man's trash is another man's treasureThe two of us together, make everything glitter

Okay, seriously, why is John Mayer not the first and only man talked about in any interview?

We care about you, Katy. So please stop talking about Russell.