Gunman Reported At American University, School Placed On Lockdown

American University in Washington D.C. has been placed on lockdown after a man with a gun was reported on campus Wednesday afternoon, according to local news. D.C. police received reports of the gunman at around 7:42 pm, and are investigating near Gary Hall on Nebraska Avenue.

University officials announced the lockdown via tweet at around 7:55 local time and urged those on campus to take immediate shelter. Shortly after tweeting that warning, university police tweeted a picture of two individuals on a train, both looking to be in their mid-20s or so, and requested that anybody who recognizes them contact the university. It’s unclear on whether they have any relation to the reported gunman.

The university’s emergency alert web page posted the following message at 8:55 pm:

It’s still unclear whether the gunman is still on campus, but eyewitnesses reported “dozens” of D.C. cops on campus. Police have asked the public to stay away from the university’s Northwest campus.