Would You Eat Your Wedding Cake After 60 Years?

So, I am very far from being married and my most fulfilling relationship is currently with my Netflix account, but when I do get married, I definitely want a cake. A big-ass cake, even — a cake for the ages. I am saying that in part because married couple Ann and Ken Fredericks have been eating their wedding cake for 60 years, and I find it to be a weirdly touching relationship goal.

According to ABC News, the Fredericks have saved a tier of their wedding cake, a "dark fruit cake" made by Ann's mother, in a coffee can in a closet in their kitchen for 60 years. You heard me — 60 years. They tied the knot in 1955. Apparently once you soak the cake in brandy, as the Fredericks do every year on their anniversary, it's totally edible.

Of note: Not only have they been married for 60 years, they've also lived in the same house in Satellite Beach, Fla. for 60 years, had the self-restraint to save the cake for 60 years, have had their act together enough not to lose said cake for 60 years, and, on top of everything else... they apparently still hold hands when they go to bed at night. Weird? Maybe, but also touching. Very, very touching.

And the Fredericks are just one of many happy couples demonstrating the best weirdly touching relationship goals you can imagine. These five #relationshipgoals? They're totally doing it right. Just saying.

1. When he (or she, or however you and your bae roll) simultaneously supports both my pettiness and my beauty routine.

2. When he accepts me for Who I Am: a sensationally clumsy human.

3. When we swap ways of avoiding reality.

4. When we really agree on the important things in life.

5. When we're as comfortable with each other as two humans can possibly be.

Images: prakitsrichan/Fotolia