Superhero Face Masks Make Skincare Way More Fun

Face masks were always the staple item at every sleepover in middle school, but getting older doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Now you can upgrade your skincare routine with superhero face masks. Yes. Superheroes. Whether your vibe is Captain America or you're more about that Iron Man life, you will absolutely want one of these masks in your collection.

Japanese cosmetics company Isshin-do Honpo created a line of face masks that look exactly like your favorite Marvel characters. If you're anything like me, then the struggle is real when it comes to the tedious process of a facial mask, or any facial cleansing at that. Not only does it require effort, but then I have to sit around while I look like I stuck my face in mud! No thanks. So, the thought of coming home on a Monday to put on a mask that basically makes me a Marvel super hero is the best news ever. It actually motivates me to take better care of my face!

Super heroes aren't the only unique face masks offered by this company. They have multiple lines featuring different animals, monsters, and a few other face mask packs. Really it just depends on how fun you're feeling.

Take a look at these exciting masks that will encourage you to embrace skincare.

Super Heroes


More Monsters

Animal Friends

Cleaning your face has never bee more fun!

Images: Isshin-do Honpo