Rita Ora & Adidas Originals Space-Inspired Collection Is Out Soon & You'll Want It All

Just when you've spent all your money on the latest Adidas Originals collaboration, a new one drops and the penny pinching starts all over! Get ready, because the Rita Ora and Adidas Originals space-inspired collection drops next week and you will want to be in on it. It's out of this world! Really.

Ora's latest collection, Space Shifter, is only one of five collaborations she's done with this iconic sneaker brand, according to Hollywood Life. This collection is inspired by space and the universe, so the colors and patterns will reflect that idea. Adidas Originals stated that "in Space Shifter, Ora, Queen of the Universe, is inspired by the cosmic influence of the changing shape of the moon."

Seriously, how cool is Ora could run with such an innovative idea? The brand goes on to say that "classic sports silhouettes compliment unique fashion pieces as blocks of color, allover textural treatments and solid black reflect the lunar cycle in a color-rich range." I love the vibes in this collection and I think Ora has taken it next level with her personal branding as the influence.

Here's a look at the Space Shifter campaign!

The anticipation is wild right about now. I can't wait!

Adidas Originals remains to stay on top in the realm of rad collaborations. The brand seems to bring in the biggest names in the entertainment industry who are actually committed to living the Originals lifestyle. Innovators in their own way, these creative minds bring the brand to new heights while keeping it true to who they are. Original some might say.

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I'm all about Adidas Originals!