Zendaya Takes Distressed Denim To A Whole New Level With Overly Shredded Jeans

Yet another celebrity is tapping the '90s fashion nostalgia wave. Zendaya wore distressed denim to a Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles, taking the old school trend to a whole new level. Distressed is quite an understatement, TBH. "Completely shredded" may be more appropriate to describe the look.

As an avid member of Swift's girl squad, Zendaya clearly brought her fashion A-game to her BFF's concert. She donned high-waisted, light wash jeans that were ripped all the way from top to bottom, truly giving new meaning to the destroyed style.

The 18-year-old paired the denim with a white cropped hoodie that hit just below her chest, flaunting a whole lot of tummy. She topped off the look with crisp white kicks that contributed to the old school hip hop feel of the outfit. The throwback look had both grungy and sexy vibes at the same time.

Zendaya's hair and makeup kept with the '90s style theme, too. The songstress sported a deep side-parted slicked bun reminiscent of J. Lo's early days. Her makeup consisted of a mauve pout, dark copper lids, and bronzed skin — she basically channeled Rachel Green's signature beauty look circa Friends.

Check out the '90s-inspired look.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Totally badass.

The truth is, this isn't the first time the actress channeled the '90s through fashion. Let's take a look at five other looks she's rocked inspired by the decade.

1. Top Knot & Hoop Earrings

Does it get anymore '90s than this?!

2. Tight Braids

Braids are a total quintessential '90s trend.

3. Spice Girls Buns

Is that Baby Spice?

4. Sweatsuit & Fitted Cap

How does she manage to make the grungy old style look cool?

5. Oversized Jeans

I think Zendaya belongs in the age of '90s hip-hop style.