Bubba The Cat Has A Student ID At Leland High School In California, Is Probably A Cooler Student Than You Were

Most high schoolers are grateful not to spend one more minute in the school building than they have to, but it seems not everyone feels that way. For instance, the cat that visited one high school so often they gave him his own student ID. Hey, just because you're a cat, that doesn't mean you don't deserve an education.

Bubba the Cat — because of course his name is Bubba the Cat — has been visiting Leland High School in San Jose, Calif. for so long that he's become a welcome part of the community, according to one anonymous Redditor who indicates that he or she attends the school. Bubba lives nearby and likes to hang out on campus. He has apparently also been known to do things like sit in students' laps while they're in class, and has been for years.

In fact, the school officials even gave Bubba an ID card. Which makes sense — given that Bubba routinely shows up to school without being required to attend, he's probably actually a more enthusiastic students than a decent number of the humans at Leland.

If you ask me, he's earned that student ID. Way to pursue your education, Bubba.


So what does a feline high schooler do all day? Well, if Bubba's Facebook page is any indication, it seems that the answer is: Be awesome.

It seems the only thing left in order to make Bubba an official part of the school is to put his picture in the yearbook. I personally think they ought to go with this one:


Learn on, Bubba the Cat! Show the humans how it's done!

Images: Bubba the Cat/Facebook (9); Imgur