Marc Jacobs "I'm Yours To Try" T-Shirt Pokes Fun At His Instagram Snafu

He's only been on Instagram since March, but this designer has already had some major Insta-wins on his personal page (a cool quarter of a million followers) and one major fail. The Marc Jacobs "I'm yours to try" t-shirt pokes fun at the now iconic caption that accompanied a nude photo Jacobs accidentally posted, originally intended to be a private message. The picture was promptly taken down, but not before it was cemented into internet infamy, and now you can by the witty tee at Marc Jacobs stores.

Just over a month ago, Jacobs teased the t-shirt on his Instagram, with a snap of Italian designer, illustrator, and model Paolo Fanoli wearing the white cotton tee, along with the caption "Hilarious t-shirt...flattered to know you printed it just for me."

It seems that Fanoli may have been the first to turn MJ's provocative message into a cotton t-shirt, but Jacobs himself posted an image Wednesday in which he's sporting the exact same garment, which you can now purchase. This tee joins the ranks of countless other statement-making pieces the designer has churned out over the years. For example, celeb friends have posed for Jacobs' Protect The Skin You're In campaign, and with each new initiative for the designer comes a spanking new naughty tee.

Here's Fanoli modeling an early version of the tee over a month ago:

If anyone knows that nudity and t-shirts go hand in hand, it's MJ. Here are a few of his greatest, most scandalously skin-baring t-shirt hits.

1.) Miley Cyrus for the Protect The Skin You're In

The campaign is an ongoing initiative benefiting the NYU Skin Cancer Institute.

2.) Heidi Klum has also graced a t-shirt for Protect The Skin You're In

3.) Rhonda Rousey dropped jaws with her brazen, open-armed pose

4.) Kendall Jenner posing with Marc Jacobs' dogs

Jenner modeled a limited edition set of tees featuring herself and fellow cool girls Cara Delevingne and Emily Ratajkowski benefiting Designers Against Aids.

5.) Jacobs' dog Charlie

He sports a t-shirt from the series, as well; it's emblazoned with an image of Jenner straddling Delevingne from LOVE magazine.

Jacobs sure knows how to cause a stir with little more than a clever t-shirt and some strategic posing, but, IMHO, the buff designer looks better sans one: