'Les Miserables' Back-To-School Flash Mob By The West Des Moines Community School District Is The Stuff Of Legend — VIDEO


Imagine being a teacher, sitting in a faculty and staff conference about the upcoming school year, trying desperately to stay awake... when your fellow teachers suddenly decide to break out into song. And not just any song — a song from one of the most epic musicals of all time. That's exactly what happened in the West Des Moines Community school district​ when teachers broke out into a Les Miserables -inspired, back-to-school flash mob in the middle of a speech from the superintendent.

The song they chose — the Les Mis Act I finale, "One Day More" — was prefect for the moment, given that the superintendent had just been discussing the fact that the teachers had one more day to prep until the start of the school year. But, instead of allowing her to drone on about how the staff and faculty must be feeling about it all, some of the teachers decided to spice things up and actually pump their colleagues up for the 2015-2016 school year.

Of the teachers who participated in the flash mob, 12 were in the music department, so it's no surprise that some of them had fantastic voices. Also of no surprise is the fact that they crafted their own lyrics to fit the occassion, including lines like, "What shall I do once school has started?" and "Tomorrow you'll be halls away, because the summer now has parted." All I can comment is "YAS queens," because... well, the video really speaks for itself. Here, give it a watch:

Greg Hudson on YouTube

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