Savannah State University Shooting Leaves One Person Dead & The University On Lockdown

Late Wednesday night, a shooting at Savannah State University in Georgia left one student, junior Christopher Starks, dead, university officials said in a statement Thursday morning. Little is known about the circumstances leading up to Starks' death near the student union building, and everyone who has any information about the shooting is encouraged to get in touch with the university of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is helping the university to handle the case. A lockdown was ordered immediately after the shooting but was lifted around midnight on Friday. Regardless, The New York Times reports that many students are remaining in their dorm rooms until more is known about what happened.

At the time, the university tweeted: "Campus is currently on lockdown due to a shooting incident that occurred this evening at/near the Student Union. Report info to 912-358-3004." It confirmed early Friday morning that the lockdown had passed.

On Instagram Friday morning, the university reposted the following Instagram: "This is our brother. We will stand together to mourn his loss and uplift his life. #SSU stop what you're doing and meet us at the Unity Plot at 12pm to share our love for our Tiger. Wear your student organization or SSU shirt #stoptheviolence #weareone#ssUnited #ssud."

Starks, a junior, was from the metro Atlanta area.

Image: Flickr/InventorChris