Who Was Christopher Starks, The Savannah State University Student & Promising Football Player Killed On Campus?

Just two weeks after students began their fall semester at Savannah State University, the shooting death of a junior, Christopher Starks, has left the campus stunned. Little is known about the circumstances surrounding Starks' death, but the junior, who had just turned 22 and was from the metro Atlanta area, was the only person to taken the hospital after a shooting near the student union Thursday night. Starks died later of his injuries in hospital, and a manhunt is underway for the suspect.

On social media, many are mourning the loss of the promising junior, who spent two seasons as a football player at Appalachian State University and was known to his friends as Chris "Cooley," according to The Daily Mail. On Instagram, the university reposted an Instagram comment: "This is our brother. We will stand together to mourn his loss and uplift his life. #SSUstop what you're doing and meet us at the Unity Plot at 12pm to share our love for our Tiger. Wear your student organization or SSU shirt #stoptheviolence #weareone#ssUnited #ssud." The image the university shared reads, "Come stand in solidarity with the SSU family as we all pay respect to our former Tiger."

Many are sharing the hashtags #RIPcooley and #Cooley, references to Starks' nickname.