NARSPro Palettes Are Launching In September, So You Can Be Your Own Glam Squad

If you don't have your own personal squad of makeup artists to get you ready for red carpet events or, you know, grabbing pizza with the girls, you can still look like you had your makeup done by a pro. The NARSPro Palette launches on September 1st, so beauty professionals and beauty addicts alike can snag customizeable palettes. There will be over 60 shades of eye shadows, blushes, bronzers and more to choose from, so you can switch up your makeup look for every selfie.

Considering that NARS founder Francois Nars is wont to drop truth bombs like "Anything less than audacious is boring," you can definitely expect a healthy dose of boldly beautiful colors. Names like "Persia," "Goldfinger," and "Galapagos" (which is deliciously described as "bitter chocolate infused with gold") reinforce the fact that these are definitely going to be indispensable tools in your get-noticed arsenal.

Personally, for me customization is key, and I know a lot of ladies worth their weight in glitter would agree. Shopping for beauty supplies is often a mix of "OMG yes, that sparkly greenish-gold!" and "But I already have a million neutrals..." More often than not, I'll fall in love with one or two shades but be stuck with a palette of repeats.

Plus, it's definitely more fun to buy in bulk rather than individual colors, not to mention how much more organized my beauty drawer looks when I have just a few trusty palettes instead of countless little containers floating around. (When it comes to my beauty supplies, I'm definitely the Adrian Monk of bathroom organization.)

Here are some looks that I'm planning on trying out when the ProPalettes launch in September:

1.) Daisy Buchanan-worthy champagne lids

This would work perfectly with a generous dusting of NARS' eye shadow in "Abyssinia"

2.) Shimmering cheek bones

There's something so alien and alluring about cheekbones with megawatt shine. Make sure to pop some Blush Powder in "Albatross" into your palette.

3.) Winged liner (without the liquid)

This look is something of a cross between a smokey eye and a winged liner look. Start with "Night Shade" over your entire eyelid, and then using a damp brush, sweep "Night Porter" above the lashline. Don't be shy with this last part — pile it on!

The important thing is, be fearless and have fun. Just because you're now equipped with pro supplies doesn't mean you shouldn't blast Britney's top hits and get a little goofy.


Images: Courtesy NARS (4), Giphy(1)