5 Seconds Of Summer Wins Song Of The Summer At The VMAs, But Twitter Was Rooting For Fifth Harmony

Which bouncy earworm tune is the definitive song of summer 2015? Well, "She's Kinda Hot" by 5 Seconds of Summer won Song of the Summer at the VMAs, so music court is officially adjourned. It seems appropriate enough, because "summer" is right there in the band's name. However, that apparently wasn't enough qualification for many people on Twitter, who were rooting for Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" as Song of the Summer.

The boy band beat out 12 other contenders in a fan vote, and the fact that this is a brand new award definitely sweetens the pot. The Aussie boy band will go down in history as the inaugural summer-song-havers. Other contenders of the category included Taylor Swift for "Bad Blood," Justin Bieber for "Where Are You Now," Selena Gomez for "Good For You," Demi Lovato for "Cool For The Summer," OMI for "Cheerleader," David Guetta and Nicki Minaj's "Hey Mama," Major Lazer for "Lean On," Fetty Wap for "My Way," and Silento for "Watch Me." PHEW! That's a lot of stiff competition, but You can't keep a fandom down. Their social media prowess will prevail.

And though the 5 Seconds of Summer's fans were overwhelmed with happiness, it seems like there was a definite show of opinion on Twitter that Fifth Harmony deserved the title for "Worth It." It looks like it's gonna be a boy band/ girl band fan rumble.

Now, both of these bands have super devoted followings. Not to mention, Taylor Swift's fan base is just as devoted to her, and she got beat out for this same award. It's unsurprising that there's a bit of pushback with this verdict. But in this writer's humble opinion, it would've been nice to see one of the ladies take this home. However, this time, it looks like the fans have spoken, and now all debate must cease.