Nick Jonas Channels Robin Thicke During 2015 VMAs Performance In More Ways Than One

One of the first performances of the night during the 2015 Video Music Awards came from Nick Jonas, who sang his new song "Levels." And I've gotta say, Nick Jonas' VMAs performance reminded me a lot of Robin Thicke. The 22-year-old, showed up during the VMAs pre-show in aviators, a leather jacket, and black jeans. But it wasn't just his outfit that looked a little too Thicke-ish. It was a lot more than that.

There's also the fact that he was swimming in a cluster of scantily clad, anonymous women wearing astronaut helmets. You know no one does objectifying women better than Robin Thicke, so when Jonas gave us his best rendition, it was way too reminiscent the "Blurred Lines" video and all of that drama he stirred up with it. Hi, Nick. Don't do that.

As much as I was prepared to see Jonas in all of his lonesome, non-Jo Bro glory, I was not expecting him to show up looking like a carbon copy of Robin Thicke from that infamous video. Or, really, Robin Thicke from any of his videos, appearances, or performances.

There was just something about Jonas' swagger that seemed a little too similar to Thicke. The way he kept his shoulders loose and up near his ears, it was just a little too "cool guy" for his own good. If he had popped his leather collar and shimmied his head from side to side, I wouldn't have been surprised.

Here's hoping Nick Jonas' performance doesn't start a feminist uprising like Thicke's did. If he's looking to avoid that, I'd recommend starting with letting the women he dances with show their faces.

Image: Emma Lord/MTV