Taylor Swift Goes Brunette For "Wildest Dreams" Video & She Could Totally Rock The Look IRL

Blonde is Taylor Swift's signature hair color, but now an argument can be made that she should change it up. Seeing Taylor Swift at the 2015 VMAs sporting brunette hair in "Wildest Dreams" created a serious Elizabeth Taylor throwback, and the singer looked incredibly gorgeous with the retro style pin curls and deep brown locks. The hue has me thinking that the 1989 songstress should consider taking the look on full time.

There had been quite a bit of speculation about what the fashion and style moments would be like in Swift's latest Joseph Kahn-directed video, and the fashionable lady didn't disappoint when it came to her hair game. Swift's hair has undergone a bit of a transformation since she first came on the scene at the ripe old age of 15. With her incredibly long, curly locks, she was the picture of youth, but with time came an evolution.

Swift moved from the curly locks of the past into straighter territory for Red. Her bang game in the video for "I Knew Your Were Trouble" was perfection, but everyone's dream BFF wasn't done there. Swift chopped her signature long locks off, and I was in awe of her killer bob and ultra chic bangs. Now, the singer/songwriter has come out with brunette strands for "Wildest Dreams," and she should totally rock it full time. So what were T.Swift's best brunette moments?

1. Head Scarf Peak-A-Boo

Isn't she ridiculously chic in that retro scarf?

2. Disheveled Boudoir Locks

Even though Scott Eastwood is shirtless in the back, I've got my eyes on T.Swift's disheveled curls.

3. Wind Blown Epic Locks

She's just chilling, being gorgeous in a desert.

4. Old Hollywood Glamour

Do I even need to explain this beauty?

I never thought I'd say it, but T.Swift: You should totes go brunette. Check out the full video below!

Images: TaylorSwiftVEVO/YouTube