2014 Photo Of Makeup-Free ScarJo Re-Inspires Today

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article incorrectly indicated that a Facebook post was shared by Scarlett Johansson herself. It was, in fact, shared by a fan page. Johansson does not maintain any social media presence. Bustle regrets this error.

On Sunday, Scarlett Johansson's no-makeup portrait from a 2014 Vanity Fair shoot made the rounds again and fans of the actress are using her gorgeous photo on a Facebook fan page to impart a powerful body-positive message that will no doubt be a source of inspo to women of all ages. In the shot from last year, the stunner and new mom flashed a wide grin, with her center-parted blonde hair hanging in loose waves, framing her dewy, makeup-free face. Johansson is known for her voluptuous frame and lips, having done unforgettable pinup shots, but here, we see her as is.

Comparing yourself to how celebrities look on magazine covers can be a waste of time. There's a lot of hard work from makeup artists, stylists, and others that go into photo shoots and red carpet events. Attempting to live up to that standard can prove impossible, which is why it can be refreshing to see celebrities bare a, well, bareface from time to time. Yes, Johansson and all the women below are still gorgeous without makeup. So is everyone.

Here are some recent celebrity body-posi social media posts to inspire you!

1. Miranda Kerr

Kerr encouraged body positivity and self-love by holding up a card in a recent Insta post.

2. Lena Dunham

This writer and actress is often a bastion of body positivity. Her lingerie post was fearless and beyond inspiring.

3. Tyra Banks

Banks' goofy, makeup-less, job-loving selfie inspired since it spotlighted a woman loving her work, along with her God-gifted beauty.

These celebs are proof that that there are so many ways to love yourself as is. So hop to it.