Kate Moss & Cara Delevingne's Full Mango Campaign Is Here & It's Just As Fantastic As Expected

Not that you had any doubt that Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss's Mango campaign would be anything short of amazing, but just for official confirmation and all, according to Fashionista, the full ads were finally released and it's clear there was no duo better suited to model '70s style clothing.

I was super stoked when we got a sneak peak of Moss and Delevingne's Mango campaign back in May, but we couldn't really see the clothes, so it was a super tease. Monday afternoon the Spanish clothing retailer finally unveiled all of the ads, revealing plenty of Moss/Delevingne fierceness, as well as some seriously covetable fall outfits. BTW—if you had any doubt the '70s were actually coming back, these ads are here to tell ya they most definitely are.

With their perfectly unkempt hair and all around sultry vibes, the duo definitely captures the essence of the decade. And will make you want to run out and buy everything, STAT. I mean, that fringe poncho...

Feuding or not, this is a collaboration that needs to continue. I mean, they're both slightly bohemian, slightly rock and roll, they both speak their mind and don't take any crap, and they're both British. It's obviously meant to be.

Here are a few other collaborations between new and old model legends that need to happen in the (very) near future.

1. Jourdan Dunn & Naomi Campbell

In case you forgot, this Burberry campaign happened. Now that you know it did, don't you agree it's TOO fantastic not to repeat?

2. Gigi Hadid & Elle Macpherson

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Killer body, meet The Body.

3. Kendall Jenner & Paulina Porizkova

They were both Estee Lauder models, so it's a match waiting to happen.

Images: Estee Lauder; Getty Images; thesize00/Twitter, modelina/Twitter, fashgonerogue/Twitter