Photos Of Mackenzie & Her Son Kale Make The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Even More Loveable

It's sometimes difficult to remember that members of Bachelor Nation have real lives outside of the show. However, in the case of new Bachelor in Paradise contestant, Mackenzie Deonigi, her IRL life is just to cute to ignore. I'm talking of course about her adorable son. We were introduced to the little cutie during her time on Chris Soules' Bachelor season, but it bears repeating: How amazing are Bachelor in Paradise's Mackenzie and her son Kale?

Sure, the Washington resident and her baby were the subject of Jimmy Kimmel's ridicule (the comedian couldn't resist replacing her son with literal kale greens in a funny spoof video), and back when she was on The Bachelor her willingness to talk about the possible existence of aliens and Chris Soules' "prominent" nose raised some eyebrows. However, none of that seems too off-beat to me. She's definitely the fun dental hygienist at her practice who might make you look forward to your next cleaning. Looking at Mackenzie Deonigi's Instagram, you can't deny that this mother/son team is the real one to beat. They're adorable together! Here are some of the duo's cutest pictures. (And, believe me, it was hard to choose!)

Cuddling It Up Together


Giggling Outside

Too cute. How in love are they?

Exploring The Great Outdoors

This is what summer's all about.

Chowing Down

Delicious. See? He might be named after a vegetable, but the kid has a diverse taste.

#Twinning With Mom

Goals, seriously. I'd love for Mackenzie to find love on Bachelor in Paradise, but it's especially comforting to see how great her life is already.

Image: mackenzie_deonigi/Instagram