Chris Bukowski Found A Date To His Sister's Wedding Even Though 'Bachelor In Paradise' Wasn't Kind To Him

It was his fifth time on the franchise when Chris Bukowski joined Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 with one goal in mind: Find a date for his sister's wedding. And, it seemed like he wanted that date to be Tenley Molzahn. After getting the date card, a thoroughly sloshed Chris asked Tenley to accompany him, but she sweetly declined, saying they were just friends. Unfortunately for Chris, he opted out of asking anyone else, forfeited the date card, and left the show. But, did Chris ever find a date for that wedding? Well yes, and no.

While he didn't find a Bachelor Nation member to attend with him, or even a regular civilian, Chris did hang out with a carousel rabbit and a bottle of champagne. Honestly, that sounds like a pretty good wedding date if you ask me. And, though he may have flown solo on his sister's big day, he doesn't seem to bitter about it. He posted a bunch of pics from the event on Instagram, gushing about his sister Renee, who he called his "best friend" in one caption. And, hey! He even caught the garter. All in all, not a bad night for Mr. Bukowski — date or no date.