How To Spot A Fuccboi, Lest You Encounter One Of Them In The Wild — VIDEO

Because we're all at risk of falling prey to one, Elite Daily is teaching us exactly how to spot a fuckboy in this instructional video. The video starts off with one of the women declaring how pleased she is about the term fuckboy, because after a history of women being slut-shamed, it's finally nice to have a way to describe male chauvinists who sleep around. Although she uses much more flowery, NSFW language. A fuckboy, according to the video, is the guy "who wore shades for no reason, his collar flipped up, and his hair was perfectly spiked".

But obviously, that's not all! There are lots of different types of fuckboys, all with unique distinguishing characteristics. Confusing, right? It doesn't have to be! Sure fuckboys might have different physical attributes, but they all kind of fall into the same general category of "douche baggy". Because all fuckboys have one thing in common: they are the actual worst. And you should be very wary of getting involved with one. Incase you still had any residual confusion about what, exactly, it takes to be a fuckboy and how you can identify one, here are some tips from Elite Daily:

1. "He's somebody who is just a player."

2. "A guy who's wearing his hat kind of to the side, like it's 2003."

3. "Mirror selfies at the gym... Probably a fuckboy!"

4. "You can spot a fuckboy because they never have on a shirt"

Watch the whole video below, to be sure that you're avoiding fuckboys at all costs.

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