7 Powerful 'Trash' Trailer Moments That Will Leave You Inspired

If you're looking for an emotional movie unlike one you've ever seen, you need to check out the Trash trailer. While Rooney Mara is already getting 2016 Oscar buzz for Carol, she also appears in this film, which takes viewers to the slums of Rio. However, it looks like the real stars of the movie are the three young boys who play trash-pickers.

According to the synopsis in the Trash trailer's description, the boys:

... find a wallet in amongst the daily detritus of their local dump, little do they imagine that their lives are about to change forever. But when the local police show up, offering a handsome reward for the wallet’s return, the boys, Rafael (Rickson Tevez) and Gardo (Luis Eduardo), realise that what they’ve found must be important. Teaming up with their friend Rato (Gabriel Weinstein), the trio begins an extraordinary adventure as they try to hang onto the wallet, evade the police, and uncover the secrets it contains.

Mara plays the assistant to Martin Sheen's Father Julliard, both missionaries who help the boys. The two-minute long preview predicts a moving film that is extremely powerful and here are seven moments that confirm it.

Universal Pictures UK on YouTube

1. When We Meet The Three Boys

And we get a glimpse at their daily lives.

2. When They Find The Wallet

Which, of course, sets everything in motion.

3. When They Realize What They Have Is Valuable

The preview doesn't specify why it's valuable, but it's clearly worth a lot.

4. When Things Get Even More Intense

Seeing contents of the wallet is a life-or-death situation.

5. When The Boys Want To Do What's Right

Confirmation that the boys have pure hearts.

6. When They Don't Back Down

Even when things get very, very intense.

7. When We're Left With This Visual

A reminder of the driving force of this film.

Trash is in theater now.

Image: Universal Pictures UK (screenshot); Universal Pictures UK (7)