The Internet’s Youngest Bookworm Is Crazy Adorable

The Internet has just discovered the world’s youngest bookworm — via an adorable video of a baby crying every time his book ends. Over and over, his mom reads him his favorite book I Am A Bunny, and every time she utters the words “The End,” he turns on the waterworks. You know what? I totally know the feeling, little guy.

Reaching the end of a book you’re loving is kind of the worst feeling ever. Saying goodbye to all the characters you fell in love with can be a pretty emotional time for anyone — even now we’re grown ups who are supposed to be able to handle this stuff. I can’t even imagine how he’s supposed to deal with this trauma on top of his other being-a-baby problems, like not being allowed to stay up and watch Game of Thrones, or the fact his mom has dressed him in a “The Snuggle Is Real” onesie. (Actually, scratch that last one. That onesie is incredible.)

So it’s no surprise that this little dude is struggling to process his feelings about his book ending. And I so relate to his devastated face-plant when the book ends again. I know what I’m like every time I finish The Time Traveler’s Wife, so if I Am A Bunny is anything like as good as that, I can totally understand why this poor baby cries at “The End”.

Image: leesedanielle/YouTube