How To Know If Your Johnsonville Grillers Were Recalled, Because Labor Day Is Right Around The Corner

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service released information on how to know if your Johnsonville Grillers were recalled, following various customer complaints citing small pieces of metal inside of the sausage patties. As a result, Kenosha Beef International, the Wisconsin company where the patties were produced, is recalling almost 90,000 pounds of the frozen pork product. But before you purge your refrigerator of all frozen products, there are a few ways to tell if you have compromised Grillers.

The recall only includes the cheddar cheese and bacon flavor, specifically those bought in the 24 ounce cartons or the 13.5 pound cases. If the patties are compromised, the number EST 425B will be on the flap of the box, with a best by date of 12/29/15.

According to FSIS, it's not clear where the metal fragments came from, but there have been no reported injuries, and not all packages were affected. "Although there have been just a handful of incidents reported to us, no injuries have occurred and we believe the risk to be minimal, we take no chances when it comes to protecting our consumers’ health and safety," said Stephanie Dlugopolski, Johnsonville's PR representative on the company's website.

The patties are not available in all states, according to the FSIS. The product was shipped to retail locations in 11 states, including Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. Any affected patties would have been bought after May 13, 2015.

Officials are urging individuals who have purchased the Johnsonville Grillers to throw the packages away, or return them to the retail location for full refunds. Those who have the Grillers are encouraged to call Johnsville's customer service at 1-888-556-2728, or to fill out a form on the website.

Image: Johnsonville