What's The Song In The Lexus Hoverboard Commerical? Let This Track Float Into Your Ears — VIDEOS

The present has never felt more like the future than it does at this very moment: Lexus sells no joke, real deal hoverboards. I did not find out about the Lexus hoverboard while poring over some science journal or a keynote speech at a tech conference. Nope, I got this particular science update where I get all of my news: commercial breaks. When I saw the advertisement for the Lexus Hoverboard for the first time, I assumed it was a commercial for The X Games. Oh, that’s a cool song in that skateboard commersh, I thought. I wanted to know more about the tune, so I pulled up the ad on my computer. Mid-Shazam, I realized what I was looking at: A REAL HOVERBAORD. A FLYING, RIDABLE BOARD. WHAT SORCERY IS TH— Sorry. Got a little too fired up. Where was I? Oh, right. Here's what Shazam told me: The song in the Lexus Hoverboard ad is “Waiting All Night” by Rudimental featuring Ella Eyre. You can find it on 2013 album Home.

Every time I listen to “Waiting All Night,” not only will I remember the moment when I realized we live in the future, but I will get all sorts of choked up thinking about the music video. The vid for "Waiting All Night" tells BMX rider and actor Kurt Yaeger's affecting story, and unless you're a goblin made out of stone, it will yank at every last one of your heartstrings:

Rudimental on YouTube

And here's the ad:

Lexus International on YouTube

Marty McFly, eat your heart out.

Image: Lexus International/YouTube