Will Jade & Tanner Break Up On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Let's Hope That Finale Promo Was Clever Editing

Let's be real, all season long, Jade and Tanner have been the strongest Bachelor in Paradise contenders for a walk down the aisle since the first week of the show. Every sign has pointed to them going the distance, but promos for part two of the this season's finale make it seem like things may not be exactly how we perceive them to be. Tears, doubt, and a ungifted rose? Is it clever editing or are Jade and Tanner breaking up on the finale of Bachelor In Paradise ?

After the first half of the finale shocked all of Bachelor Nation when Kirk suddenly broke things off with Carly, no one seems safe. After all, those two were discussing future children only one night before their relationship implosion. As Carly's BFF, Jade expressed concern for her own relationship after having to console Carly through the devastating plot twist of the century. Then, in the teaser for next week her concerns only seem to grow and we see Tanner stop just short of handing a rose to her to say, "I can't give you this rose." But, as convincing as the editing is, something (maybe their completely adorable love) tells me that he may be exchanging that rose for a big old diamond ring.

Is it possible that Tanner could get spooked by Kirk's sudden, inexplicable change of heart? After the breakup we all just witnessed, it doesn't seem completely far fetched that the other perfect pairing may fall apart at the seams, too. Is love real? Before you get too upset, let's not forget that the show's editing team loves making things look more dramatic than they are. (Remember that Ashley I. pregnancy scare that never happened?)

Personally, I am standing firm on #TeamJanner, clever editing be damned!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC