RiRi Goes Balmain

Earlier today in Paris, it was announced that Rihanna would be the new face of Balmain. The 25-year-old songstress has been a longtime fan of the French fashion house, and as it turns out, the feeling was mutual. Balmain's creative director Olivier Rousteing described Rihanna as an "icon," saying she commands the camera in a way that "makes you feel like she is the only girl in the world."

Rihanna stars in the brand's upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, which will be released in January. They've given us a sneak peek with two stunning looks — one in an all denim ensemble and the other in a pink houndstooth robe-coat. The photoshoot was shot by photographers Inez and Vinoodh, styled by Mel Ottenberg and was under the creative direction of Atelier Franck Durand.

As much as we love seeing our favorite models starring in high-fashion photo shoots, there's something extra-exciting about having our favorite celebs star in them instead. Here are 5 other stars we hope to see score some couture campaigns in 2014.


How has this not already happened? The girl is a walking campaign as is, with millions of people constantly wondering who she's wearing at all times. We think Prada should consider offering Washington a modeling gig — after all, her star character is a huge supporter of the brand, toting a new purse in every episode. We even hear people walk into their stores asking for the unofficial "Pope" bag.


She may look like the girl next door, but we think there's more to Emma Stone than just being a Revlon girl. With those entrancing green cat-eyes, immaculate powder skin and, depending on the day, vibrant red hair, Stone definitely has what it takes to be the star of any high-fashion campaign.


We can't imagine how difficult it would be to almost literally live in the shadow of one of the most iconic women of our time. Still, the littlest Knowles has managed to set herself apart from her older sister and made a name for herself both in music and fashion. She's already starred in a Madewell campaign earlier this year, but we think it's time she step it up. Kenzo, we're looking at you.


This Disney-star-turned-Spring-Breaker is always making it on to nearly every magazine's best dressed list — not to mention she's cute as a button. And while she already has experience modeling for the casualwear brand Candies, her red carpet and street style continually prove that she's ready for the big leagues.


Few people had a bigger year than Lorde. At just 17 years old, the singer won over the hearts of young and old with her ethereal voice and more-than-catchy tunes. And as many have already noticed, she has an amazing sense of style, one that we find ourselves sourcing inspiration from. We think she'd be a beautiful, yet strategic addition to any high-fashion campaign.

Image: BalmainParis/Instagram