Where Do Tenley & Joshua Live? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Broke Up Because Of The Distance

All is fair in love and Bachelor In Paradise, but, you guys, I just can’t get over this one. Joshua and Tenley were one of the cutest couples on the show. I never would have guessed that the Disney princess and the welder would have fallen so hard for each other, but here we are, saying goodbye to a pair who seemed like they might really make it. Unfortunately, all of the time they spent together in paradise wasn’t enough to carry them through into the real world. Tenley and Joshua broke up on the BiP finale, citing their respective homes as too far apart to make a relationship work. Given that it’s the reason for their split, fans might be wondering where Joshua and Tenley live.

Though most of you are probably thinking, “Why wouldn’t you just move to be with the one you love?” Tenley had a good point. She said that each of their homes are such a part of them that it would be cruel and awful for either to have to uproot themselves. They would become resentful, and they just wouldn’t be the person the other fell in love with any longer. It was a very mature end to their love affair. But it made me so sad, though!

According to her Twitter page, Tenley currently lives in San Diego, and, as she said, she loves how busy it is and to be “surrounded by a big community.” Joshua, on the other hand, lives in a “one-stoplight town” in Idaho — Kuna, Idaho to be exact, according to Reality Steve. He likes the peace and quiet of living away from the busy streets of a city.

Though it sucks that they had to end things, I can totally see how they couldn’t make that distance work — they’re just to used to different kinds of places, and it’s hard to make that transition. Oh well! Here’s to hoping these lovely people find love in their own respective paradises.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell