Mikey & Juelia Have A Cute Friendship After 'BiP'

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise were saddened to see that several favorite couples split during the finale, but Mikey T. and Juelia’s breakup was particularly crushing to those who tuned in Sunday. Now that the relationship is over and time has passed since the show taped, do Mikey and Juelia still talk after Bachelor in Paradise ? Honestly, not even a breakup could shake the sweet bond they formed in Mexico.

They had a romance we could all get behind, Juelia, a lovable single mom, seemed to have finally found her match after dealing with conniving Joe. And, Mikey got a return trip to Paradise. With such a bold gesture, it seemed like the couple would be solid. But, after a date that led to a Fantasy Suite, Mikey realized that he didn’t like like Juelia. He only liked her as a friend. Ouch.

Mikey did let Juelia down gently, without leading her on for long. And, Juelia’s exit from the show was sad, but graceful. It would appear that these two could move on without bad blood. So, where do they stand today? From what I can glean from the exes’ Instagram accounts, I believe that they are over the drama.

Mikey’s Sweet Instagram Post

Mikey could not be more clear about his admiration for Juelia in this post.

He’s Looked Back On The Relationship Fondly

#TBH this #TBT is pretty cute.

So Did Juelia

Juelia also hasn’t shied away from sweet friendship posts.

Mikey Is Grateful For Juelia

She did bring the beef-heart back.

She Was Also Positive About His Return

With all of the drama behind her, it looks like she can look back positively on the experience.

And, Juelia Is Grateful For Her Friends From Paradise

#Cheers to you, Juelia!

It looks like the exes are making it work as friends, and I think they’ll both be just fine.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC