The Best Of Late-Night Jeb Jokes

On Tuesday night, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush will appear for an interview on the first episode of the new The Late Show, now hosted by Stephen Colbert (hooray!). As a Bush, Jeb was basically born to be the butt of late night jokes, and Tuesday evening with Colbert will probably (OK, certainly) not be an exception. Now that he's down in the polls, the sky is the limit for ways that Colbert could lay in to Bush on Tuesday. Bush has appeared on several late-night talk shows over the last couple of years as he has ramped up his presidential campaign, and as such, there are a lot of great late night jokes about Jeb Bush from some of our favorite comedians and pundits.

We're sure to get some new jabs at Bush when Colbert interviews him on Tuesday, but plenty of other late night comedians have already created some comedic genius at Bush's expense. From network TV to late night cable (can we get a "heck yeah!" for Comedy Central?), the Fallons, Wilmores, and Stewarts have gotten their hilarious two cents in about the latest Bush to run for president. Here are some of the best zingers that have been made at Bush's expense throughout his pursuit of the presidency.

Jon Stewart: The Kin's Speech

This entire segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is hilarious. By far the best moments come when Stewart nails Bush on his refusal to give direct answers to questions about whether or not he would have invaded Iraq as President Bush did in 2003.

Jimmy Fallon: Slow Jam The News

One of the best parts about this segment on Jimmy Fallon is that Bush participated in it himself. Bush did a (mostly) good job of keeping a straight face as Fallon joked about Bush "beating around the Bush" and being a "caucus teaser." Fallon also called Bush a "master debater" in keeping with the very mature sex theme of Slow Jam the News.

Larry Wilmore: Bush III: The Un-Bushening

Per usual, Larry Wilmore hands us pure brilliance. In this segment, Wilmore edits one of Bush's speeches into a long series of "that's what she said" jokes. One of the best?: "If we do all of this, and we do it relentlessly ... that's what she said." Well played, Wilmore. Well played.

Stephen Colbert: Presidential Ambitions

And now, from the man who will interview Bush on Tuesday evening, Stephen Colbert. In 2014, when Colbert was still doing the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, he mocked Bush's initial 2013 comments about running for the presidency. Last year Bush initially commented that he would "Think about it really hard." Colbert answered with: "When was last time a Bush said that?"

Videos: The Tonight Show/ Youtube; Comedy Central (3)