'Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki Opens Up About That Wonder Woman Failed Pilot


Wonder Woman is probably the most-discussed, least-featured Superhero of all time. She was also the victim of a much-maligned, quickly-cancelled pilot by David E. Kelly. Adrianne Palicki was set to star as Wonder Woman in said pilot, and now she's speaking up about the experience.

Palicki is still probably most widely known as Tyra Collette in the beloved Friday Night Lights — the scene where her mother tells her she believes in her still makes me weep like several little babies — but she's also been starring in a bunch of action movies since the show's demise, including the G.I. Joe franchise. According to Palicki's recent interview with IGN, though, it was still a blow to lose Wonder Woman:

She doesn't make reference to the fact that the costume itself was kind of terrible, but that's besides the point. She does talk about the bittersweet aspects of doing so many action roles:

Now if only she could find another role as juicy and complex as Tyra Collette. We're rooting for you Adrianne. Clear eyes, full hearts, etc.