Bruce Willis & Michael Jordan Are Having Babies, Not With Each Other


Prepare for lots more celebrity babies! Both basketball legend Michael Jordan and action legend Bruce Willis are having babies. Or...the ladies they've respectively impregnated are having babies, rather, and they are there, too. For Willis, who was married to actress Demi Moore way back when, this will be his fourth child; he had three daughters with Moore and one daughter with now-wife Emma Heming. When he had his most recent daughter, Mabel, he said some really sweet things to Zoomer:

In elsewhere celebrity baby news, Michael Jordan should prepare for a whole lot of comments on how he's "trying to make his own basketball team," because he and wife Yvette Prieto are having identical twins. Jordan already has three children, all of whom are now in their twenties, so these will be his first infants in a while.

We're not saying this upcoming Willis child should have playdates with these upcoming Jordan children, but....oh wait, that's exactly what we're saying.