Parents Recreate Daughter's Couple Photos In The Most Troll-tastic Parenting Move Of All Time — PHOTOS

The Incredible Parents Of The Day award goes to the parents recreating their daughter's couple photos. The parents in question are those of Emily Musson, who is a student at LIM College in New York City. Emily and her boyfriend have a habit of posting public displays of affection to Facebook, as young lovers are bound to do. The photos are pretty, all perfectly posed and filtered, and, you know, the general kind of spew that everyone loves doing themselves but will gladly roll their eyes at anyone else doing. Enter parents.

Emily's parents, Nancy and Craig, who have been together for 28 years, in the best troll move ever trolled, recreated the photos of Emily and her boyfriend, which have now been retweeted over 42,000 times. Guys, this is how trolling is done. Trolling is not being mean or aggressive, it's poking fun in a totally satirical and benign way, using creativity to playfully tease. I mean, if only all trolls were like this. Apparently, Emily's parents have yet to meet her boyfriend, which makes the whole thing even radder. Meanwhile, Emily told Cosmopolitan her mum thinks it's hilarious that the photos went viral, and she wants to be on Dancing With The Stars. (I would watch that, so someone please hook a sister up.)

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Image: ABC