Sphynxiebob And Bambob Are The Two Newest Cat Breeds Of 2015, And They Are Ridiculously Cute

Do you think hairless cats are kind of creepy? Well think again, because the Sphynxiebob and the Bambob are the two cutest new cat breeds of 2015. I'm the first, and often the loudest, to admit that soft, fluffy fur is part of what makes cats so flippin' cute, but as it turns out, kittens are cute no matter how much — or how little — fur they have.

The two new breeds are the result of the time and effort of April Arguin, co-owner of the Jacksonville location of Lil' Nudists Cattery. As you've probably guessed, the "nudist" part refers to the cats, not the people; the cattery produces hairless cats like Sphynxes and Bambinos. Although they're a popular option among those who are allergic to pets, their wrinkly, bald appearance has caused hairless cats to remain the underdog, so to speak, of the cat kingdom. That's all set to change, however, with the advent of the Sphynxiebob and the Bambob.

As if their names weren't precious enough, the two breeds are bobtails. Bob. Tails. That means they have tiny little nubs for tails.

"We had to really do our research... before we did our very first pairing and make sure the genetics were all appropriate to combine together," Arguin told the Daily Mail. In fact, it takes three generations of careful breeding to produce the super freakin' cute kittens she unveiled recently.

But enough talk. Meet the Sphynxiebob.

And hello there, Bambob.

I'll take 12 please.

"My dream was to produce an adorable bobtail cat that everyone would be able to enjoy," Arguin told the Daily Mail. I'd say she's more than surpassed that particular goal. Check out the kittens in all their hairless, adorable glory below:

Images: My Mail Online/YouTube (3)