Who Is Miss Louisiana 2015 April Nelson? She's Off To A Great Start In The Miss America Competition

As the Miss America competition kicked off on Sept. 13, the top 15 contestants were named. Among them is Miss Louisiana 2015, April Nelson. Her goal isn't world peace, but that's OK — she has show biz aspirations instead. Nelson explained that she aims to appear on a sitcom, or a drama and expressed particular interest in Game of Thrones or "anything on HBO." Basically, she's totally flexible as long as it involves TV. Earlier this week Nelson started off on a high note when she won the talent portion of the preliminary competition for her rendition of "Climb Every Mountain" from The Sound of Music, which is one of her favorite movies. So, if her Game of Thrones dreams don't work out, she can always audition for a musical.

If she wins the competition, Nelson will be the first Miss Louisiana to be crowned Miss America. If she makes history tonight, that'll be a great addition to her resume when she auditions for Game of Thrones. Another great line on her resume? Nelson is employed as a princess for hire at Kellie's Characters and frequently plays Cinderella, Elsa, and Ariel at large parties events. She can sing "Let It Go" in her sleep — and if that's not talent, I don't know what is.

Nelson's winning vocal performance is below:

So if Game of Thrones casting agents are looking for some kid-friendly vocals amidst the bloodshed of next season... they know who to call!

Image: Ida Mae Astute/ABC