My Beauty Diary: How To Get Big, Bold Lashes Now With Liz Cherkasova

Repeat after me: there’s absolutely no such thing as too much mascara. No matter the time or place, mascara is like a little magic wand that makes everything better. It instantly makes you look awake, adds major confidence, and it goes with everything. Which is why, when it comes to getting the biggest lashes possible, I take things very, very seriously.

Now, I’m all for layering, but that's not an excuse to apply coat after coat to your lashes. You’ll most likely be left with an unfortunate case of irreversible spider lashes, and you’ll have to start over. (Yes, I’ve been late to many a party on behalf of clumpy mascara.) But after much trial and error, and some major lash moments, I’ve figured out the art of super-sizing. Trust me: it’s way easier than applying falsies.

We partnered with COVERGIRL and Liz Cherkasova — the blogger behind Late Afternoon and fellow lover of mascara — to show off some bold beauty looks. Below, we'll show you how to get the biggest lashes using COVERGIRL's Super Sizer mascara, along with the other tools you'll need to finish the look.

This article is sponsored by COVERGIRL.

The tools:

The Super Sizer By LashBlast Mascara, Eyeshadow Quad in Notice Me Nudes, Bombshell Pow-Der Brow & Liner By LashBlast, all by COVERGIRL.

Step 1: Coat The Top

Looking down, apply one to two coats to the tops of your lashes, spinning the brush upwards as you slide it toward the tips.

Step 2: Coat The Bottom

Apply multiple coats to the bottoms of your lashes, twirling the wand towards your face. Repeat until your lashes reach your desired thickness.

Step 3: Coat Each Lash Individually

To really pump things up, hold your wand with the brush pointed towards your eye. (Don't try this in a moving vehicle.) Coat your lashes individually while you push them upwards.

Finish off the look with smoky brown shadow and bold brows.

Photos: Lauren Perlstein/Bustle; Makeup: Joy Fennell/Cloutier Remix; Hair: Adam Maclay/Art Department; Sweater: ASOS