Senate Approves Budget, Zimmerman Lawyer Investigated, And Prince Harry's Beard

In a rare show of agreement Wednesday afternoon, the Senate voted to pass a two-year spending deal that would set in concrete America's spending plans until 2015. The deal, which was spearheaded by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), would eliminate some sequestration spending cuts. The new budget would also take steps to reduce the deficit — if everything goes to plan, ultimately by as much as $20 billion.

The deal would also prevent another tug-of-war over a budget bill until at least 2015 — meaning no more government shutdowns. Could this rare show of bipartisan support — the bill passed by a big majority in both the Senate and the House — indicate that everybody is finally learning to get along? We can dream. (It's like an episode of Sesame Street, only with our nation's wallet at stake.)

Meanwhile Wednesday, in the never-ending case of George Zimmerman, the plot is thickening ... well, no, it's all pretty predictable. Max O'Mara, Zimmerman's attorney during his very-publicized trial for the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman's legal counsel ever since, is being investigated for an alleged breach of legal ethics. In regard to what, you ask? Well, in relation to O'Mara's defense of Zimmerman, that's what.

It's unclear exactly what O'Mara's breach of ethics was, but we're sure a bunch of people have their theories. Meanwhile, Zimmerman has parted ways with O'Mara, for more reasons unknown, and is now busy, um, selling his art on eBay.

Are any other weird things happening in Florida? Of course they are. A fifth-grader named Zachary Golob-Drak wrote a short speech entitled "In The Name Of Religion," which detailed injustices based on religious beliefs. It was a good speech, and it won a class prize. Unfortunately, instead of letting Golob-Drak advance to the regional speech-giving contest like he was supposed to, his school stripped him of his prize because it "wasn't appropriate."

Meanwhile, in Australia, a woman walked right off a pier because she was checking Facebook on her phone. She couldn't swim, so some Australians found her floating on her back in the water, phone still clutched in her hand. Really.

This is heartbreaking: two years after losing his wife to cancer, a man has recreated his wedding photos with the couple's young daughter.

Guess who owns the world's largest Bitcoin wallet? The freakin' FBI, that's who.

Oh, and speaking of rich people, here's Mitt Romney ironing a suit. While wearing it.

Looks like Shia LaBeouf plagiarized from nearly everyone. Added to the ever-growing list of people whose ideas LaBeouf has stole, borrowed, or otherwise used word-for-word without citing: Charles Bukowski, artist-screenwriter Daniel Clowes, Tiger Woods, and Gen. Robert McNamara. The last two he quoted, without citation, during apologies for quoting other people without citation.

And this! So much this!