Weatherman Reports In Madonna Lyrics & It's Like A Little Prayer — VIDEO

Talking about the weather is generally considered banal unless you're this weather man doing his report in Madonna lyrics. Weatherman Mike Thomas of Fox 5 DC "performed" his entire weather broadcast over the weekend using a myriad of lines from Madonna hits. To make it even more hilarious, Madonna was playing Saturday night at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., which is what inspired the themed report. Not that such reporting needs inspiration. All weather should be told with pop music references.

This particular Madonna themed rendition of the weather is something like a little prayer. It's not frozen at all! Oh here I go. Thomas is known for his themed weather reports, as not so long ago he commemorated Taylor Swift's performance in D.C. with a similarly themed report. No bad blood there! I am now petitioning for yet more iconic performers to tour D.C., simply so we can have more of these musically inspired forecasts — because let's face it, TV weather is pretty much competing against your easy to use mobile phone app now, so it's got to somehow be more fun and unique. Next on the agenda I'd like to see a Beyoncé themed report (drunk with a chance of love) and a Nicki Minaj themed report (what's good, winter?).

Meanwhile, here are some of the best moments from Thomas' Madonna report:

1. "Like A Prayer"

2. "Cherish"

3. "Don't Tell Me"

4. "Lucky Star"

5. "Ray Of Light"

Watch all the amazing Madonna references below:

FOX 5 DC on YouTube

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