A Texas Woman Wore A Donald Trump Dress With A Matching Purse To #TrumpInDallas — PHOTO

As NYFW winds down, a different trend emerged in Dallas, Texas earlier on Monday. Twitter is freaking out after a Texas woman wore a Donald Trump dress with a purse to match and was spotted by Jason Whitley, WFAA-TV Channel 8 senior reporter. My eyes are burning.

I'm originally from Dallas, Texas, and must say this mystery woman at least lives up to our proud stereotype of "everything is bigger in Texas." Whether it's religious identity or political party pride, you're going to know who stands on what side of the fence from a mile away out there. And with #TrumpInDallas, I can assure you the tag feed is only going to get weirder and weirder. Though, they may not actually get any weirder than the creepy but addicting new paint with Donald Trump website. Apologies in advance for the hours you might soon waste.

Politics and fashion have always connected, but political clothing options have gotten more and more fabulously funny over the past several years. I took a deep dive into the internet to scout out the craziest political fashion you can rock these days, and I'm happy to report I succeeded. But first, let's stop and, uhm, appreciate(?) this woman's dedication to her cause, no matter how #cray it is?.

It's legit hard to not just stare, I know! And I thought NYFW had some wacky stuff...

1. Obama Earrings

These are, in fact, still for sale.

(Obama Earrings, $8.99, Amazon)

2. Musical Clinton


(Bill Clinton, $30, Etsy)

3. Bill For First Lady


(Bill Shirt, $18.99 Etsy)

4.Trump Earrings

Too bad the woman above forgot her set.

(Trump Earrings, $9, Etsy)

5. Bernie Beads

All the '90s feels.

(Bernie Bracelet, $18, Etsy)

Images: Courtesy of Brands